Customers, Manufacturers and Vendors

How do you identify your customers, manufacturers and vendors in Germany? A tough challenge from being abroad and not used of German culture and language.

There are unlimited ways of finding local business partners: using the marketing toolbox – either online or traditional – through direct contact with customers, manufacturers and vendors over the phone, visiting their premises, showing a presence at trade fairs, building and using online platforms or initiating or participating at conferences.

It's a fundamental fact that only an individual designed strategy will be successful for your company. The market is huge and there are plenty of competitors. So prepare to be better, more committed, more creative and even smarter.

Sejo is your local partner to help maximise your business.

Sejo will help to identify your potential customers, manufacturers and vendors, and help you to approach and transform them into partners for long-term profitable business relationships.

Sejo is your top partner for your individual demands in Germany. We are gladly looking forward to support you. Let's get in touch!

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