The existing infrastructure of a country is one of the main factors for business success, and in this Germany is world class, especially for transportation, communication, energy supplies and other aspects of basic infrastructure.

These are the fundamentals of the proverbial German performance and efficiency – and are essential for your own business in Germany.

Everybody knows about the German autobahn without a speed limit. Fast travel and transportation is a common fact in Germany. Based on one of the densest road networks in the world (650,000 km of streets, with around 13,000 km of autobahn), and almost 42,000 km of railway network together with its major international airports and ports, Germany offers an excellent fundamental base for business.

You are able to cross the country by car in less than eight hours from the North Sea to the Alps, and you can travel safely and comfortably on the autobahn with a speed of 130 km/h or 200 km/h – more if you like. Don't be surprised; German cars are designed for that level of speed and you will find it very convenient.

When you take the train, use the Intercity as a part of the European railway system and travel at a speed of 250 km/h between each metropolis. Trains also carry a lot of goods. Another important factor is transportation by road. Germany has a high volume of traffic because of its position in the centre of Europe. Traffic from the south (France, the Netherlands and Belgium) crosses Germany to Eastern European countries and beyond to Russia. The Scandinavian states and UK want to bring their goods to Southern Europe: to Italy – Austria, Switzerland and the rest of the Mediterranean countries.

Infrastructure at its best

The electrical power system is extremely stable and is underground in the inner-cities. Usually there are no blackouts during the whole year. Similarly, Internet connections use copper lines and fibre optics with gigabit bandwidths. As long as you avoid the countryside, you can have almost every bandwidth you need at a very reasonable price.

By the way, data centre infrastructure and cloud services are the same: you can have almost every service you need cheaply, and of excellent quality. Germany has maybe the lowest rates worldwide for that kind of service, and the city of Frankfurt in the centre of Germany, with its DE-CIX, has the biggest global Internet exchange point. So, as you can see, good connections are guaranteed.

Facts about Germany

357.168 qm
Dimension north to south
876 km
Dimension west to east
640 km
82 million
Highest mountain
2962 m
Longest rivers
Rhine (865 km in Germany, 1233 km overall)
Weser (744 km)
Elbe (727 km, 1091 km overall)
Donau (647 km, 2888 km overall)
Biggest airports
357.168 qm
Frankfurt am Main (FRA)
Munich (MUC)
Dusseldorf (DUS)
Berlin-Tegel (TXL))
Hamburg (HAM)
Biggest ports
Line voltage
220 Volt / plug type C europlug

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