The German way

of doing Business

German thinking is very direct. Don't be surprised to get a No for an answer. It's not impolite in Germany, it's just straight and fair but if ever you get a Yes – it always means yes – not maybe, maybe later, or maybe not.

So be prepared for some tough negotiations. Or enjoy Sejo on your side leading the negotiations towards the desired result.

Germans seem to be either friendly, or rude, depending on the business behaviour in your own country. German people like to talk about facts, searching for solutions and getting to the point. When there is a problem to discuss, there is no need to converge slowly – time is money. A meeting with a group of managers in different positions and with unequal status may create a hierarchy, but in a modern company every smart idea is welcome.

Ladies may be first, but can also be emancipated. Should you open the door for her? But if you are the guest, should she open it too? Is she a manager, would it be polite or flashy? If she is a secretary, she could feel it is part of her job to support her management with gestures like that? One thousand traps to fall in. Or take advantage of a partner on your side who knows how to handle such matters. Sejo as a German consulting company at an executive level is with you at your business destination, because we are part of it.

Straight and mandatory – The German way of doing business

Sejo knows how to handle (your) business in Germany

Business etiquette in Germany (excerpt):

Shake hands
Men stand up, when a woman enters the room
Use surnames
Always punctual, never too late
Respect privacy. Germans divide between public and private life
Plan ahead
Follow the agenda
No need for much small talk, but Germans are also no robots and enjoy a warm atmosphere of communication
Don't try to rush

Sejo is your top partner for your individual demands in Germany. We are gladly looking forward to support you. Let's get in touch!

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